Falling asleep while taking your prelim exam is a very no no
Took my philo exam earlier and fell asleep at the essay part
So this is what happened
I dreamed of WIN’s Team A & Team B. Our essay asks us to differentiate New Man and Old Man. But instead of me writing those terms I wrote Team A and Team B.

WTF just I did 
I need some more sleep

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140831 슈돌

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Daehan & Minguk hugging each other ♥

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WINNER’s nicknames (for new fans, be prepared)


KJW: KimJinwhere, Deer hyung, Nation’s lost kid, Jinbutt, Jinwhore, Island’s boy, Kiss Machine..
LSH: Lion, Baby Lion, Lion in bed, Hiphop Lion, Hoonlegs, Hoon1leg (see Nii)..
SMH: Minwhore, MinHOE, Bayarang Lalaki (gigolo), HugeboyMino mufuckin Animal, Soldier, Song pig..
KSY: Dumpling, Kangnag, Kanglipseu, CheesyKang, Kang Puppy, Unemployed, Curtain boy, Kang Mushroom..
NTH: Nampits, Nam Diva, Namkitty, Nam foxy, Namdivitch, Teehyun, Nambutt, Nambitch..

Legit ba yang “Bayarang Lalaki” na nickname ni Mino?
Di ko alam kung matatawa ako or what..

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The Return of Superman Ep. 35


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Part 1 / Part 2

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just Running Man members trolling Blank Ji Hyo.

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because kim jongkook ain’t your average dancer

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 Seo Kang Joon displaying his MC skills with Chanyeol as his mentor

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